Personal logo

I designed this logo for my personal brand. The bright colours are meant to reflect my bubbly, outgoing personality. I included a tagline to show the basis of my work.

Newsletter example created in Humber's colours

Newsletter design

This newsletter was created for a project. I was asked to design a newsletter to showcase some exciting things 2019 would bring to Humber College.


This invitation was created as part of a project during my postgraduate at Humber College. I was meant to design an appealing christmas-themed invitation to a charitable giving keynote speech.

Scones reinvented: how to make scones that make people happy (recipe)

Not your Grandma’s scones. Dare I say it, traditional scones are terrible. My family has passed down a recipe through generations, each scone as dry and boring as the next (sorry, Grandma!).My Aunt, however, knew that scones should be lively and moist, like a shortcake. Single-handedly, she redeemed our family recipe and changed scones forever. Presenting the … Continue reading Scones reinvented: how to make scones that make people happy (recipe)

Green roofs: the apex of easy environmentalism (Op-Ed)

Having environmental integrity often means tedious daily responsibilities—researching respectable brands, sorting recyclables, avoiding plastics. You commit to the motto “reduce, reuse, recycle,” yet never see a measurable difference. Businesses feel an even greater drive towards environmentalism.