Dear: Evan Hansen fans, T.O. tickets selling quick

(Originally written on Nov. 28, 2018)

The boy in the striped blue polo is heading our way. Are you going to get to see him? 

Tickets are quickly selling out for the renowned hit musical, Dear Evan Hansen, which hits the Royal Alexandra theatre in early 2019. The shows follows (you guessed it) Evan Hansen, a socially anxious teenage boy battling his way through high school. When given the opportunity to lie himself into popularity, Evan is forced to decide if his lifelong goal to fit in is worth the trouble it may cause. Soon, all of Toronto will be asking themselves, what would I do if I were Evan Hansen?

Creators Benj Pasek, Justin Paul and Steven Levenso have fine-tuned a production that is both beautiful and emotionally wrenching. It takes a true work of genius, such as this, to make the audience laugh and ugly-cry interchangeably. With relatable characters, catchy songs and an important message, the show is sure to sweep it’s Toronto audience off their feet like it has on Broadway.

If you are somehow still unconvinced, here are five more reasons why you should hurry over to to score yourself tickets:

It’s A Huge Debut

Dear Evan Hansen’s Toronto debut is not only the first in Canada, but the first international production of the show. Following its opening in Washington, D.C., DEH became popular during its iconic Broadway tenure. Later this month DEH begins it’s national tour across the U.S. and then heads to London in late 2019.

In Toronto, DEH will keep the award-winning songs but see an all new cast. Everyone will be talking about the chemistry of Toronto’s cast, are you going to be a part of the conversation?   

Speaking of, you can actually be a part of DEH Toronto’s artwork. Click here to find out how.

There’s Meaning Behind the Music

DEH opens the floor to a discussion that is as relevant as ever: mental health. The overall goal of the production is to draw attention to difficult topics in an approachable way. Anxiety, bullying, drug use, suicide and rejection are put into context through the view of a young person who is trying his best to fit in, a place where many of us have been before.

I write this as I listen to the popular DEH song, #YouWillBeFound:

“Even when the dark comes crashing through
When you need a friend to carry you
When you’re broken on the ground
You will be found”

Relentless Acclaim

Outside of countless nominations, DEH has received twenty prestigious awards from the theatre community. These awards include:

  • Six Tonys, including the 2017 Best Musical
  • The 2018 Grammy for Best Musical Theatre Album
  • A Daytime Emmy (2018)
  • Two Drama League Awards (2017)
  • Two Lucille Lortel Awards (2017)
  • Two Obie Awards (2016)
  • One Drama Desk Award (2016)
  • And Two Outer Critics Circle Awards (2016)

In addition to awards, the musical is extremely well-reviewed. The Washington Post called DEH, “one of the most remarkable shows in musical theater history.”  Susanna Schrobsdorff from Time Magazine wrote, “Dear Evan Hansen, thanks for finding us. We’ve been waiting for a musical like you.” More reviews can be found here.

The Soundtrack Speaks for Itself  

If you haven’t had the chance to listen to the soundtrack yet, you need to drop everything to do so– you can listen on iTunes, Spotify and Apple Music. The songs transition seamlessly from hilariously relatable (Anybody Have a Map), to heartwarming (If I Could Tell Her), to devastating (So Big / So Small), all in traditional Broadway form. I suggest listening to the songs in order, if possible.  

I can promise that before finishing the album you’ll have laughed, cried and bought tickets for your whole family. Click here for a taste of one of my favourite DEH songs (although it was hard to pick).

Ticket Prices Are Good, and Bound to Rise (More)  

Toronto’s DEH tickets are affordable to say the least, with the lowest price of $69.00 per ticket and most premium price at $250.00. Please do note, however, that prices are slowly rising as the show gains popularity. When I bought my tickets on October 1st, the day that ticket sales opened, I paid $175.00 per ticket for the best seats in the house.

The late ticket buyers in New York were paying a minimum of 800 bucks per ticket to get in the door, up to $9000 for center orchestra. Who knows if Toronto will ever create such a demand, but we can already see the prices climbing. If I were you I’d be buying tickets–uh, like– yesterday.

So What’re You Gonna Do?  

It’s my expectation that DEH’s popularity will lead to an extended schedule in Toronto, but there’s never a guarantee that it will. Even if there are additional shows, you can expect them to be exceedingly pricier and with alternative casts. Plus, by that time all of your friends will have seen it, and you’ll have missed out on the conversation.

If you haven’t taken the hint yet, just do yourself a favour and buy the tickets. Future you will thank me.  

Be sure to share this article with your friends so they remember their tickets too!

This work was created as a part of a project for Humber’s Professional Writing and Communication program. The goal was to create a blog post about something that interests us, tying the topic back to a timely matter. 

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